What is a Portable Solar Power Pack?

Solar Power packs provides an opportunity to carry power everywhere you go. Portable Solar Power packs create voltage (power) by utilising the vitality (light) from the sun. There always has been much hype about creating power from the solar energy. As the law of conservation of energy states " Energy may be transformed from one form into another form", there is invariably a possibility of turning energy from the sunlight. But converting it in an easy and cost-effective way always has been the challenge. With recent advancements in the solar cell space, this is developing into a reality.

Why Portable Solar Power Pack?
The handheld devices like Laptops, DVD players, Mobiles are more and more becoming popular and need to stock of these devices is of utmost necessity. Imagine you are an adventurous guy who just loves hiking mountains. There are a lot of devices that you will need for your safety and comfort. Typically, all devices run on electrical power. You can't carry a portable power supply everywhere you go. Having a portable solar pack will nurture the vitality from the sun and will act as a day long battery for all your devices ensuring your safety and comfort. Portable Solar power will provide you a more pleasurable life.

How does a Portable Solar Power Pack work?
Solar power is generated with the assistance of a Photovoltaic cell (PV cell). Sun generates light and heat energy. It is the light energy and not the heat energy which is used by the solar collectors.

A PV cell incorporates multi-layers of semi-conducting materials (mostly Silicon). Electrical charges are generated when the semi-conducting material is exposed to light. These electrical charges are used for a number of purposes. The amount of PV cells used depends on the quantity of the electricity to be generated. Hence, the solar panels behave as a portable power charger or as a portable power generator.

With a lots of effort being taken to have clean energy from an organizational and global perspective, this is only a beginning. Lot of automobile companies like Honda are doing research on producing a car which runs purely on solar energy. It is very important for all humans internationally to make sure that our mom earth is clean and green. Remember, electricity saved is twice electricity generated.